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  1. fortboise said:

    Thank you for taking the trouble to describe your experience, Randy. I’m still insured, but watching the exponential increase in premiums year-to-year, while asking close to nothing (so far).

    Can we make it to Medicare? Let’s hope.

    “Consumer decision-making” is all well and good for health care when you’re healthy, but there’s not much motivation to go get some then. When you get sick… trouble ahead.

    The idea of people who are paying their own way being billed twice as much (say, in round numbers) for the same service that insured customers get cut-rate angers me. Seems like fraud, cheating, unethical, you name it. But there doesn’t seem to be any way out of the morass, certainly not with what Minnick and the Blue Dogs are espousing.

    August 12, 2009

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