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Posts published in “Day: July 29, 2009”

A candidacy?

Brian Clem

Brian Clem

Oregon State Representative Brian Clem, D-Salem, is sounding more and more serious about running for governor. Today he shipped out an email outlining his activities since the legislative session ended, and they sound a lot like the early stages of a run for higher office.

For example: "I appeared on the radio with conservative host Jeff Kropf on July 14 because I'll never be afraid to talk seriously with anyone, of any political persuasion about creating the future Oregon deserves. On July 15 in Camp Sherman, my family and I witnessed Governor Kulongoski sign the bill I championed to protect the Metolius, an extraordinary Oregon treasure. I spoke at several events, including the world-famous Lane County Chili Feed on July 26 and the Marion County Demo Forum on July 20."

All outside his Salem-area district. (Should be noted here that Clem is a capable speaker, has some presence, won election in what had been a mostly Republican district, and has been a relatively visible legislator.)

Clem's candidacy, to judge from statements he's made, is apparently contingent on other candidacies (notably the possible run of former Governor John Kitzhaber). Absent that, he's making all the sounds of someone planning to run . . . in the event . . . Meantime, sooner or later, he's laying the groundwork.