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Posts published in “Day: July 5, 2009”

Lewis & Clark + 100, +

air trip

Lewis & Clark by air/airjourney

This would be a great trip for pilots of small planes . . . a flight along the path of the Lewis and Clark expedition, by the company Airjourney.

Yes, yes: Flying would hardly be any sort of equal to what they did.

And there'd be the stops in Lewiston, McMinnville, Astoria and Portland.

Writer James Fallows (hat tip for the pointer) suggests, "Perhaps it is a stretch to claim, as AirJourney does in promos like what's shown below, that this is a deeply historical commemoration. But I flew much of this route in a small plane nine years ago (start in Minnesota, then down to Nebraska, then west) and to this day recall many vivid scenes, which I also described in my book Free Flight."

Because Courtney is who he is


Peter Courtney

Why Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is resigning from that office is a curious question that plenty of people doubtless will chew over for a while. But why Peter Courtney, the Oregon Senate president (in a four-way tie as of this term for longest-serving), will not be running for governor next year, the answer is clearer. What sounds like an entirely in-character quote from the Salem Statesman-Journal:

"Have you looked at my voting record? Have you checked some of the statements I made? If you were a political consultant or adviser to me to make sure that I put myself in the best position possible to run for governor, do you think I've done that? . . . This is the worst case in the world of how to position yourself, orchestrate yourself, or carefully state things before you get ready to run for statewide office. More people have talked about this than I've talked about it."