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Filings are in

Off-year candidate filing is done in Washington, with basically no last-minute surprises. The primary election in August will skim off the top-twos in the competitive races.

For Seattle mayor, that presumably means incumbent Greg Nickels and Council member Jan Drago, though Drago’s path to an ultimate win (her complaint with Nickels has to do not with substance but with process, almost always a snoozer for voters) remains obstacle-ridden.

The King County executive race remains a lot more interesting, with the five expected candidates – two county council members, two legislators and a former TV news anchor – piled in. Polling seems to indicate that, on the basis of name ID, the former anchor, Susan Hutchison, might pull a first-place plurality win in August, but we’d guess she’ll have a harder time in the one-on-one to follow. Of course, there’s no clarity yet as to who that one will be.

And the engines rev . . .

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