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Posts published in “Day: May 28, 2009”

Cranking up on candidate filing

Next week, we see who file for local government offices up for election this year (and legislative spots that need filling). Next week is candidate filing time.

A few points of interest, as Secretary of State Sam Reed's office points out:

For the second time since the U.S. Supreme Court last year upheld the Top 2 Primary system adopted by citizen initiative in 2004, the Declaration of Candidacy form will allow candidates to self-describe their political preference, but this will not mean that the person is nominated by or supported by a party.

The form candidates submit will allow up to 16 characters to provide the name of the party a candidate prefers. Candidates cannot include profanity or imply or state that they are nominated or endorsed by a political party or that a party approves of or associates with them.

The regulations don't rule out candidates trying to wedge in additional information about themselves, such as "Anti-war Dem" or "Pro-life G.O.P", "Evans Republican" or "Jackson Democrat." But Reed, the state's chief elections officer, said he hopes candidates will simply list the actual name of a political party and not try to cram in personal or political information.

Words of candidate wisdom

Learned the hard way.

Scanning a where-is-he-now article (Seattle Times, May 4) about two-time Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi - the hook was a new job he's taking back in his old field of real estate - a quote jumped out.

Rossi said he's "unplugged" from political activities, and gave indications he's planning to tend to business rather than politics for some time to come. Occasionally, he said, he fields a call or visit from someone (Republicans presumably) thinking of running for office, seeking his counsel.

Rossi: "I try to find out why they're running. I tell them the only reason to run is to be in the right place at the right time to do some public good. I tell them if you want to see your name in the newspaper, I can guarantee you it'll be surrounded by words that you don't like."