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Posts published in “Day: May 25, 2009”


One of the peculiarities of Idaho elections, ever since three decades ago primary elections were moved from late summer to late May, is that nearly half the time, primary elections were held the day after Memorial Day. Just when people are most focused on such things as candidates, government and issues. And inclined to undertake another chore, like going to the polls and voting (Idaho being the one northwest state still not moving to mail-in voting, which would make this discussion superfluous).

The Memorial Day part of this, at least, is coming to an end. One of the last two or three bills signed into law after this year's Idaho legislative session consolidates a number of local elections and moves that May primary date to the third, rather than fourth, Tuesday in the month. Which seems like a logical shift.

And Betsy Russell of the Spokane Spokesman-Review points out that "this year is the last that Idaho will hold elections the day after Memorial Day. That’s because next year there are five Mondays in May – Memorial Day falls on the last Monday, while the Idaho primary election will fall on the fourth Tuesday."

Now all they need is mail-in . . . eventually . . .