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Posts published in “Day: May 23, 2009”

Partying in a no-party place

The already interesting five-way contest for King County executive has been gradually getting more interesting, and takes another step with the reports just out of state Senator Fred Jarrett, D-Mercer Island - until recently a Republican - hiring a key Republican consultant for his campaign.

This isn't a primary contest, and the battle for the office isn't even partisan at all: The office is non-partisan. But political standings are going to be watched closely.

Paradox Politics, 2nd edition

Paradox Politics
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After 21 years, a second edition of Paradox Politics, the history of Idaho politics . . . up to when it was published, in 1988. This is a new edition of the book, with some glitches cleared and corrections noted, but including the text of the original. It isn't intended to cover the two decades since, but it does bring some of the stories and political circumstances up to date with more than 100 notes throughout the book. A lot of what happened then, looks a little different now. (Certainly Idaho has changed a lot.) If you're interested in Idaho politics and never read the original, this is now the edition to get. If you've read the original . . . this one will put a lot of it in more perspective than was available those many years ago.