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Posts published in “Day: May 7, 2009”

Done is done

Looks like they're not coming back to Olympia after all.

Special sessions can work. A model, maybe, may be the April 20, 2006 session - yes, it lasted only one day ("The gang that could get something done") - in Oregon, and under conditions when control of the legislature was split between the parties (Senate Democratic, House Republican). But both sides wanted to get certain things done, and they were able to reach agreements. They cleared them all, even though some were strenuously debated, in just a few hours. But the key was the advance agreements (and with the governor as well); without those, the thing would have devolved into a mess.

So the legislative leaders seem to have concluded in Olympia, where those agreements weren't available. That, and the conclusion that the three remaining bills left hanging at the end of the regular session weren't so critical that they couldn't wait until next year.