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Posts published in “Day: May 3, 2009”

Another week

Tomorrow morning I'll be (presumably) back on KLIX-AM at Twin Falls to talk about this week's Idaho legislative session. (See the little block in the column to the right.) The one that now looks likely to bust the all-time record for longevity in Idaho.

It's long all right. The legislature in Washington has adjourned and gone home; it will be back for a special session, but that likely won't run more than a day or two. The Oregon Legislature, running essentially biennially, is only somewhat more than halfway done, but June or July adjournments are the norm there. The norm for Idaho adjournments once was late March, but that may be going by the boards.

How much longer till Idaho's gives it up? Until you get either a compromise out of the governor and the House (the governor has offered such in recent days), or a cave from one of them.

Will I be back on the radio a week from now? Don't bet good money against it.