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Early in, early . . . mulling


Allen Alley

In contrast to some other statewide offices last time around, Oregon Republicans actually do have a probable candidate for governor next year, one with some campaign experience and a professional background that gives the sense of a credible contender. And Democrats don’t even have a clear, definitive contender yet.

And how excited are Oregon Republicans about Allen Alley?

A post and comments at Oregon Catalyst gives a fair sense of the mixed feelings involved. Some commenters point out that Alley is an intelligent, capable guy, an experience and articulate executive. Others note the areas in which he doesn’t exactly line up with the Republican activist base, and how he isn’t an especially charismatic contender.

Blogger Tim Lyman, who argues that a Republican running these days in Oregon has to be a sterling campaign to have a shot: “If anyone had told me there could be a less exciting candidate for Governor than Ron Saxton, I never would have believed it. But, over a year and a half out from the election, the Oregon Republican establishment is already lining up behind Allen Alley.”

A commenter in reply: “Okay, Tim. If not Alley… than whom? I disagree with you that it is too early to line up behind a candidate. I think Alley is an excellent candidate. I just don’t see anyone else emerging that can raise the enormous amount of money that will be needed to be competitive??? I’m curious to see who you are suggesting to line up behind?”

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