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Extending the string at Lewiston


Lewiston Tribune

The Lewiston Tribune has a long tradition – very long, reaching back into the 50s at least – of publishing outstanding editorials. They have long had personality and bite, and often humor as well. They’ve leaned left but been such attention grabbers that execs at the paper (which is locally owned) call them real moneymakers: They’re likely to get people talking and paying attention to the paper, in a way most editorials in most newspapers seldom have.

The central figure in that bit of newspaper history was for many years Bill Hall, who started writing editorials at the Trib in 1965 and (with a short 18-month hiatus) kept at it till he retired in 2002. His successor was Jim Fisher, who’d written edits alongside Hall for many years and whose style significantly overlapped. Now Fisher is retiring, so a real question has been: Does financially-strapped Lewiston (which recently cut the editorial page staff from two to one) keep the tradition alive?

Looks like it will, having just hired for the job Marty Trillhaase, who has been editorial editor at the Idaho Falls Post-Register. A bit of disclosure is needed: We’ve been friends with Trillhaase for a good many years, back when he worked at the Idaho Statesman in Boise, and at the Tribune before that, the Moscow paper before that, and Twin Falls . . . He’s been around the state, and very highly regarded everywhere. At Idaho Falls he has been for more than a decade writing many of the best editorials in the state, as even those who disagree with him typically acknowledge.

Now, as for the Post Register . . . Following Trillhaase’s tradition may be a challenge all its own.

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