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Teaching to the pizza

What’s next when it comes to underfunding schools (see post to follow shortly)? The future of the really underfunded schools may be showing up in Pocatello . . .

Where, according to news reports, high school history and economics teacher Jeb Harrison is selling advertising – ads his students are obliged to look at. They are so obliged because the ads (for a 14-inch pizza for $5!) appears on tests and workbooks.

Before you blame the teacher, note that Harrison is not pocketing the money: The $315 so raised is being spent by the pizza shop owner on supplies for the classroom. The motivations of teacher and business owner seem more or less honorable enough. (The three commenters on the news story linked above all though this a wonderful idea.)

Where do we go from here – what’s up for sale next? Is this the kind of sad, sold-out future – where absolutely everything is nothing more or less than another blank slate for another ad – we’re headed toward? It is if we take the attitude toward school funding that – well, we’ll come back to that in a moment.

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