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One day at a time

How sad is this headline from KIRO-TV on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “Staff at the newspaper have been told that Wednesday’s paper won’t be the last one.”

We’re now past 60 days from the point on January 9 when Hearst, owner of the P-I, said it would keep the paper printing for 60 more days pending either a sale of the paper (which never looked likely) or conversion to online-only.

There will be a Wednesday print edition. Will Thursday print? Hearst isn’t saying. So it’s a day to day matter now.

So, apparently, is the digital conversion. The new Publicola site, which seems to have the best reportage on the situation, is suggesting that Hearst wants to try the digital approach and has been approaching 20 or so staffers to gauge interest. However, the pay and benefits package apparently has been mediocre, and evidently few of the paper’s people have agreed to sign on. And that drama goes on.

After the next day or two, that drama may in fact be what keeps the P-I in print, for however much longer that may be.

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