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So, uh, how’s he doing?

Obama Robinson

Barack Obama and Craig Robinson/OSU, 2008

So, most Oregonians are well aware of the family connection in their state to the First Family – Craig Robinson, who coaches men’s basketball at Oregon State University, is the brother of First Lady Michelle Obama. No lack of clarity there.

For those of us not following collegiate sports very closely, though, the logical followup question can be a stumper: How well is Coach Robinson doing?

John Canzano at the Oregonian answered the question cleanly in his column today, and added an implication. The background here is that the OSU Beavers were for some time serious cellar dwellers – this was a matter of breathing some life back in. Canzano: “Robinson’s team (13-13, 7-8 Pac-10) has three regular-season games and the conference tournament remaining. OSU is flirting with a National Invitation Tournament berth. Which is only to say, the guy has been terrific. And also, someone is going to try to hire him away.”

OSU, he advised, should make the effort to keep him, not so much on grounds of celebrity but because he happens to be a good coach getting results.

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