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Posts published in “Day: January 7, 2009”

Broder on Minnick

Washington Post columnist David Broder's latest column is on new Idaho Representative Walt Minnick, who (he points out) has a back story more unusual than that of most incoming members of Congress.

Nothing especially new of note, but it does put Minnick into some perspective. And Minnick says he will be back in his district weekly - and why.

The Wal-Mart flow

National in scope, but you can see the effects in the Northwest too: Take a look at this flowing map showing the growth, store by store and year by year, of Wal-Mart since its founding.


Wal-Mart in 2007

Easy to forget now that this is a relatively recent phenomenon, that the Northwest had no Wal-Marts at all until the 90s, and how much ore heavily populated with them is the east rather than the west. But see if it doesn't give you creeps just the same.