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Posts published in “Day: January 4, 2009”

The Bell page

One of the Web's utilities, in addition to moving information quickly, is its use as a standing reference sheet. We've used it for that purpose here, with information about subjects ranging from candidates for office to whatever happened to former journalists.

We ran across another use a short time ago: A tracking location for keeping up with radio announcer Zeb Bell.

Posted by the editors of The MountainGoat Report and The Political Game, the page about Bell - actually Ronald Zebell - is of note as provider of one of the more extreme radio voices in southern Idaho. The bloggers describe him: "an ultra-conservative talk radio host who leases time on a Rupert, Idaho AM radio station owned by Lee Family Broadcasting. His show, 'Zeb at the Ranch' currently airs four days a week on KBAR which he hosts from his home in Murtaugh, Idaho and which is broadcast throughout the Magic Valley and Mini-Cassia areas and online through a live stream. Bell's show is a call-in/talk format where topics range from political to agricultural to promoting community events. "

It is, of course, not the agricultural or community events discussion that tends to bring the outside interest. The tracking page and Bell's own site provide plenty more background, better digested at length there than by summary here . . .