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Snow, and snow, and snow

buried car

Car status in western Oregon/Stapilus

There’s the news report that, in order to get to a game at Denver, the Portland Trailblazers had to head south to Eugene to fly out – as a practical matter, PDX is largely in a state of closure. As is a whole lot else.

There’s a long list of closures of various sorts. North of Salem or so, everyone is best advised to go nowhere if at all possible. (Not many miles south of Salem, the temperature gets just warm enough to turn everything to rain.) Snow emergencies have been declared in Portland and a bunch of nearby locales. Amtrak has had delays and problems.

The two vehicles at Ridenbaugh Press are snowed in, and now look not a lot different than the vehicle in the picture. We’re relatively fortunate: We can stay put in reasonable comfort for a while. Those who can’t say that have difficulties, of one kind or another, ahead.

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