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Posts published in “Day: December 1, 2008”

Sizemore’s edge

Bill Sizemore

Bill Sizemore

The premier Oregon initiative monger of the last decade and more, Bill Sizemore, has had to rely to some extent - in his campaigns for initiatives - on the idea of being on the virtuous side of the things. That's the whole undergirding of initiatives, conceptually anyway: That these are the good things that the people have to do themselves because their elected officials won't.

To that extent, Sizemore's efforts - and he has continued to be busy on the initiative front up through this year - may increasingly be hamstrung. That process was hurried along considerably during the campaign season when forces opposed to Sizemore's initiatives beat up on him as much as his ideas - he became the bad guy. Now, there's the inconvenient matter of his going to jail.

The reason stems from Sizemore's campaign filings, and what a judge has ruled as their inadequacy, and his management of campaign funds. Sizemore has been in court a number of times on these issues, but today Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Janice R. Wilson had enough, throwing him into jail for contempt of court.

There have been movement leaders over the years who have gained stature from time spent in jail. But you have to suspect that Sizemore won't be one of them.