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And where did they get it from?

Madison County in Idaho is one of the three or four most Republican counties in Idaho, making it one of the most Republican counties in the nation. In the presidential election, it voted 87.5% for John McCain.

This small university community – Rexburg is the dominant city – usually has an almost preternatural calm. But out of somewhere somewhere, a bunch of grade schoolers riding home on a school bus at the Madison School District picked up a new chant this week: “Assassinate Obama.” The kids, evidently, weren’t clear, as they were chanting, what “assassinate” means.

But someone did. Those kids learned it from someone.

A parent who heard about it called the school district, which seems to have responded reasonably in talking to the students about it. The story made local television news across southern Idaho.

But the issue here may be someone other than the students.

AND ALSO At the far end of the state, in Bonner County, there’s a man who proposes – and has posted a sign indicating – the “free public hanging” of Obama and other top Democratic figures. Ken Germana, who posted it: “That’s a political statement. They can call it whatever they want, a threat or whatever.”

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