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NW: Changing admins and meds, and more


FRONTED Economic slump highlighted in shopping patterns and services for children in the Idaho Statesman, in automaker strategic decisions in the Idaho Falls Post Register, … The Obama transition 9especially his prospective quick regulatory changes) makes an appearance on most front pages regonally; and the medical announcement of statins to advance-treat heart disease and stroke comes in for some front attention too (see Seattle Times, Spokane, Bend, Olympia, Yankima and Everett) . . .


1The myth of high school athletics is that talent and determination are the key ingredients for wins; the current Oregonian series on recent track records of winning v. losing teams, roughly matching rich v. poor districts or localities, puts an effective closure to that. The series (started Sunday, continuing today) brings the theory of school funding to a concrete level.

2A bit out of region, but if presidential politics is of interest you’ll want to check out the first major interview by the Anchorage Daily News with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, since her VP run . . .

3The search of a community slogan seldom fails to provide merriment. Such as that of Port Orchard, where the Kitsap Sun‘s print edition (though not online) has the headline: “Gateway to Gorst? Nah.” (Of course, you have to have been to Gorst to fully appreciate the point . . .)

4On the Dennis Mansfield blog, a conversation between Mansfield and his daughter about politics, his activism past and present, and more of note. A significant read for anyone interested in Idaho.

5A Democratic legislator elected from Bend? In truth, it came close to happening in 2006, but this year it actually did, as attorney Judy Stiegler defeated incumbent Republican Chuck Burley. A profile worth reading in the Bend Bulletin.

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