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Posts published in “Day: November 9, 2008”

NW: Post-election, and the economy


Note: Today we're launching what we expect to be regular - as regular as we can make it - feature here, outlining what the region's newspapers see as the top news, then running through some of the best read we encountered during the day, from news organizations and wherever else. Let us know what you think.

FRONTED Moving beyond the election, while looking ahead to Obama Administration decisions and options (see the Spokesman Review front page), many of the papers reflect on whither Republicans now (the Oregonian, the Seattle Times in Washington) . . . The Idaho Statesman previews Veterans Day . . . a string of bankruptcy and diminished economy stories . . . overall, more light and feature oriented (Olympian, Kitsap) than just before the election ...


1Sharp reflections on how the very close and very high-profile (regionally) election for mayor of Eugene says a lot about a city more closely divided than many - those who mistakenly buy the granola stereotypes - typically realize. In the Register-Guard.

2A birds-eye view of the bankruptcy picture in the region (especially but not limited to the Inland Empire) at the Spokane Spokesman-Review.

3Reactions on Washington's new death with dignity law, with some insight into how the skeptics in the medical community plan to deal with it (there are opt-out provisions) in the Tacoma News Tribune.

4At the Lewiston Tribune, an apparently technical piece (see via newseum) by Kathy Hedberg on no- or low-tillage farming, but with broader implications for the farm and rural economy.

5David Reinhard's going-away column at the Oregonian, in the middle of which he tells a good story on himself.