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Posts published in “Day: November 8, 2008”

An evangelical map

You can slice the vote from Tuesday in all sorts of ways. One is the way Bryan Fischer, the evangelical activist in Idaho, does: In the presidential contest, 75% of evangelicals nationally (according, we'd guess, to exit polls) voted for Republican John McCain and 25% for Democrat Barack Obama. An interesting stat. (Fischer's takeaway is that those 25% of evangelicals need to get with the program; that and, we need more evangelicals. Fischer: "Bottom line: if we want to salvage the future of this country, all we need are more evangelicals.")

Elsewhere, the magazine Christianity Today has mapped the evangelical vote around the country by state, and come up with some results to chew on.

The estimate is that in Washington state, 24% of the vote was evangelical, and it split 64% for McCain and 32% for Obama.

In Oregon, the slice was 27%, and McCain got 66% of it, to Obama's 31%. Very similar to Washington's.

Idaho was a little different: 33% evangelical, with 80% going to McCain and 18% for Obama. More striking, in other words, than the larger number of evangelicals voting, was the overwhelming degree - compared to Washington and Oregon - they voted for McCain.

By way of orientation: In Alabama, the 46% evangelical vote went 88% for McCain; in Oklahoma, the 52% of the vote that was evangelical went 77% for McCain.

Washington and Oregon evangelicals, overall, were less overwhelmingly Republican than in many other states.