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The watch

Heavy blogging here today and deep into the night – big surprise there, huh? – and we’ll start with a quick look at the overview from the early time zones, with some thoughts on what that might mean out here.

We’ll be doing a little TV expounding this evening, but other than that it’ll mostly be absorbing numbers and blogging about them.

Nationally, our first and only choice for television will be C-SPAN, by far the best national political resource on the tube; none of the rest will be bothered with. Online, there are a batch of great resources, including some innovative stuff at CNN and TalkingPointsMemo. We’ll likely do some skipping around to check out other options too.

For the Northwest, here’s where our eyeballs will be mostly glued.


Secretary of State. The SecState in Washington usually has some of the fastest-reporting (and best-designed) reports in the state.

King County. They say they will have the first round of results posted by 8:15, the next round at 10:30 and thereafter a batch per hour. We’ll see: This office hasn’t always been, shall we say, Sir Speedy on this stuff in the past.

King County, of course, is politically lopsided, so trends may be more readily discerned through the Snohomish County elections office. The Spokane County elections results and in Clark County may be useful too.

Uncertain what reporting the two state parties may have on their web sites, but we’ll be checking the Washington Democrats and the Washington Republicans to see what’s there.

The Seattle Times looks to have a nicely comprehensive site ready to roll.

The Spokane Spokesman-Review looks as if it will be fairly comprehensive as well, and take note of the radio show (an hour program starts at 8 p.m.) accessible through its main page.

And, some broadcasters are doing live streaming of results. KIRO-TV in Seattle, for example, plans to crank up around 8 p.m.


The Secretary of State‘s web site doesn’t usually provide same-night results. But we’ll stop by to see what does come up.

For drilling down, check out the Multnomah County and Washington County election sites.

Best comprehensive spot for Oregon results is likely to be the Oregonian, which has several pages devoted to updated results. They’ve been generally complete and prompt in recent elections. We’ll keep watch too on the Salem Statesman-Journal‘s page.

Among the TV results pages, we’ve had the best luck with the KGW-TV (8) pages, which often has been both complete and fast. So we’ll probably be back there regularly.

We’ll pay some attention to Oregon Public Broadcasting too, the amount depending on what their reports look like.


The Idaho Secretary of State‘s office has gotten right on top of election night results in recent years, and it should be just about the single best spot for Idaho returns this evening.

The Ada County election results (or here) are traditionally sluggish, but the office was pushing this year for early voting, so that may speed up some of the early returns. Canyon County officials, however, were warning that meaningful results there might not be forthcoming until sometime Wednesday morning (although the current results page does seem to promise results starting at 9:30 p.m. today).

The Boise Idaho Statesman site should be the top news media spot for results. But KTVB-TV (7) often gives it a solid run and sometimes their results are the fastest in the state – they’re promising results every two minutes, a high bar if they can do it – so we’ll be checking there routinely too.

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