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ID: Close in the 1st

Idaho look unaffected, remarkably unaffected, by the national sweep of this year’s election. Overwhelmingly, the results – incomplete so far, we should note, with only about half of the precincts reporting – look a whole lot like they have two years ago. And four. And six, And eight. And 10 . . .

Based on results as we have them now (not likely to change enormously), the Democratic presidential candidate this year doubled his harvest of Idaho counties compared to the last two elections – from one (Blaine) to two (adding Latah). The totals in Ada County in the presidential are close, but John McCain likely will claim it, narrowly. The U.S. Senate race was a runaway for Republican Jim Risch – he drew the standard-issue Idaho Republican vote percentages.

The incomplete numbers (again, subject to change) show Democrats retaining all of their Ada County legislative gains from two years ago, and their seat in Idaho Falls but failing to win a second seat on the Ada County Commission. A holding action, no more, no less.

Except, maybe, in the 1st U.S. House district . . .

We won’t know much more for a while other than that, like the Senate race in Oregon and the governor’s race in Washington, this thing looks dang close. Democrat Walt Minnick holds a really close lead of 78,911 to Republican incumbent Bill Sali‘s 77,021 – less than 2,000 between them, with a whole lot of precincts out. Some are in Latah County, and those should help Minnick; some are in Canyon County, which should help Sali.

No predictions on this yet. Too close to call till the morningtime.

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