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And a kudo

One more thing before get into the results, a few hours hence. Something unusual in this election season – a word of genuine praise – and even more unusual – aimed at local news . . .

For the last couple of months or so, KGW-TV in Portland has been running a half-hour locally-produced program on politics, local, regional and national. It has tilted a little more national than we might have preferred (there are loads of places for national politics), but nightly it would bring on local and regional political people, from candidates to staffers to analysts. So far as we can tell, it was the only programming of its kind in the region on commercial television, and useful programming: We watched it with some regularity, at a time when regular local nightly newscasts (on commercial stations everywhere in the region) have rendered themselves mostly useless.

Here’s hoping KGW continues with something along these lines; it would be a real public service. Meantime, kudos for undertaking it in this season at least.

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