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Posts published in “Day: October 20, 2008”

Washington reality check

Finally, here's the picture in Washington state, where as in Oregon the presidential is in no serious doubt, but the next top race - for governor - is genuinely close.

For governor (there being no U.S. Senate race in Washington this year):

And the closest U.S. House race, in District 8, with limited polling but an intriguing trend line:

Oregon reality check

The presidential race in Oregon seems to be a progressively foregone conclusion, but that Senate race - albeit with a blue tilt - is absolutely a popcorn watch.

Now the more exciting Senate battle:

As in Idaho, there's not really enough data for a solid chart in the one hot U.S house race (in district 5).

Idaho reality check

At the Atlantic blog run by Andrew Sullivan, you periodically see posted composites of polling information, showing trend and status. These are usually noted under the heading, "reality check."

Seems about right. And at two weeks out from election day, seems a fair time to run them out for the Northwest. Major races in Idaho first.

Senate race:

There is a chart for the first U.S. House district race, but the polling it represents is thin for compilation purposes.