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Posts published in “Day: October 7, 2008”

Or Sen: A lotta money

Will be interesting to see where the contribution/spending totals in the Oregon Senate race kick out after this. From an e-mail this money by the Democratic Jeff Merkley campaign:

"We raised more than $2 million in the third quarter of this year, more than any other Democratic candidate in Oregon history. Of that, over $850,000 was raised online. Furthermore, more than 21,000 people have contributed to my campaign since it started over a year ago."

$2 million in a quarter is very impressive.

Endorsements: SR for McCain

The Spokane Spokesman-Review makes its presidential endorsement for Arizona Senator John McCain: "Sen. Barack Obama is an impressive political figure, but his rapid rise to eminence has left Americans with large gaps of information about him and put him at a disadvantage. John McCain's long service has armed him with a broader grasp of federal issues, which in turn gives voters a more detailed picture of him."

The endorsement comes at a time of big newsroom changes, including departure (because of financial cutbacks) of several top editors. Dave Oliveria, who runs the SR blog Huckleberries and formerly sat on the paper's editorial board, offered some thoughts: "I'd guess most of the Editorial Board was in favor of Obama - at least, I'd say Doug Floyd, Gary Crooks, and Rebecca Nappi were/are. Steve Smith's gone, of course. Dunno where Lynn Swanbom stood. But I remember our great debate when we came down 4-2 in favor of John Kerry in the Bush 2 sweepstakes - and I was assigned to write a convoluted editorial explaining why we supported Bush. I don't miss writing editorial endorsements."