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Posts published in “Day: October 5, 2008”

Silly season

Part of what's not missed around here, out of working in a newspaper newsroom: In those places, you have to deal with the loony toon stuff that tends to accumulate especially toward the end of campaign season.

From a column by James Wright, editor of the Twin Falls Times News:

I spent some time reading Barack Obama's birth certificate Tuesday.

Why, you ask?

A gentleman from Rupert called me - twice - to ask why the Times-News wasn't reporting the shocking news that Obama wasn't even an American citizen, and thus cannot legally become president.

Either we weren't paying attention or - start the scary music here - we must be part of the coverup, he intimated.

OR: Endorsements, gradually

The flow of newspaper endorsements running out of Washington state is off to aa slower start just to the south. But a possibly significant one did emerge today.

The Eugene Register-Guard filed its endorsement in the U.S. Senate race, for Democrat Jeff Merkley: "That background, with its invaluable international seasoning, combined with Merkley’s extensive legislative experience, make him superbly qualified to represent Oregon in the U.S. Congress. Oregonians can help bring real change to Washington, D.C., by voting for Jeff Merkley for U.S. Senate."

Offhand guess is that the Oregonian will stick with Smith. But we'll see.

WA: Endorsement round

Got a batch of endorsements dropping in the Nortwest on this Sunday. From the northern reach, some views . . .

bullet Governor. A couple of endorsements in the governor's race, both for Democratic incumbent Chris Gregoire, one a surprise and one not. The non-surprise was the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which leans Democratic anyway: "Especially for uncertain times, she's a much more proven leader than her Republican rival, former state Sen. Dino Rossi." (Our guess offhand is that the Seattle Times will go to Rossi, as it did in 2004.)

The relative surprise is the Vancouver Columbian: "Gov. Gregoire has served well, particularly in matters affecting Clark County, and The Columbian today endorses her for reelection. Such was not our recommendation four years ago when we endorsed Rossi in a battle of two candidates who were seasoned politicians, but first-time applicants for the governor’s chair. Now, though, Gregoire is armed with a dossier that shows significant progress."

bullet Initiative 1000. The "Death with Dignity" initiative is picking up editorial support. The Wenatchee World concludes, "It already is legal in Washington to prescribe medication for relief of pain, even if it hastens death. It is just that death cannot be the intended purpose. Initiative 1000 will make legal what can be done indirectly. For a few unfortunate people, who wish only a less painful or more dignified journey to their inevitable end, this law provides a new option that compassion says they should have. Yes on Initiative 1000."

And at the Seattle Times: "But for the voters to reject I-1000 is to deny the patient the right to make the decision at all. On the grounds of compassion for the suffering, and recognition of the individual as a moral agent, death with dignity is a right that should be allowed."