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Pointed to the door

We suggested some posts back that if the Idaho race for the U.S. Senate got close enough, that the minor-candidate factor could start to come into play. Put another way, Democrat Larry LaRocco will have a difficult time getting to 50% of the vote to defeat Republican Jim Risch, but he might be able to do it with, say, 45% if the various other candidates for the Senate – including a Libertarian and two independents, all self-described conservatives – pull enough votes.

Apparently we’re not alone in thinking so. The Libertarian in question, Kent Marmon (who has run previously as a Republican) says that Representative Bill Sali personally asked him to drop out, because their runs might hurt Risch’s chances. Evidently leading Republicans have called the other two – businessman Rex Rammell of eastern Idaho and the man name Pro-Life, of Emmett – and made similar appeals.

A sign the race may be closer than we think?

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