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Lotsa colleges

Something more on the Sarah Palin front – nothing scandalous, but seemingly a curiosity.

In Idaho, there’s been mention that she attended North Idaho College at Coeur d’Alene, and later the University of Idaho at Moscow.

And so she did, but there’s more to it. Her collegiate career started, for one semester, at Hawaii Pacific University (though no press release there noting her as an alumna). From there she went to NIC for a year, and then UI for a year. And then back home to Alaska, to the Matanuska-Susitna College (at Palmer, close to Wasilla), for a semester, after which she returned to the UI for another year, at which point she got her degree in journalism.

Nothing wrong with moving from one college to another; lots of students do. But the number of moves is interesting, and the coursework needed for a journalism degree (or a polisci minor) wouldn’t have been especially specialized, and could be gotten in many places. Any thoughts as to why so many transfers may have happened in this case?

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