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Posts published in “Day: August 24, 2008”

O: Fewer hands, but revised web

This looks to be an improvement of the Oregonian's web site, which has taken a lot of flack over the last few years. But we'll see for sure once installed.

Pre-launch page says: "Our new home page is wider, less cluttered and loaded with links to all of the great content featured on our site. We've chosen type-style that's easy to read, and bright and bold, without overwhelming the page."

BTW Note the new, revised, site for the McMinnville News-Register.

“Stadium sticker shock”

This feels as if it has some significance, the piece in the Oregonian sports section on "Sticker Shock at the Stadium," about the increasingly high price of college football games.

It quotes a price of $75 to get into the Civil War game (aka, University of Oregon v. Oregon State). And at Oregon: "In 2008, the minimum per seat annual contribution ranges from $50 for the cheap seats to $1,750 for box seats -- plus another $1,000, at least, if you'd like to park a car."

The counter argument probably will be that if ticket prices don't go up, costs will shift around and bite something else in the system. Which may be. But we suspect some subtle yet real changes will happen too as people get priced out of the game . . .