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Must like Mitt

Idaho was one of the places where former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was most popular during his presidential run, and there’s a lot of preference among Idaho Republicans for Republican nominee-presumptive John McCain to name him as running mate. Possibly; national reports say Romney’s in the mix; though we’d put odds at less than even.

Still doesn’t explain the issues page on the campaign web site of Julie Ellsworth, a former Republican legislator from Boise defeated for re-elected in 2006 and trying for a return this year. Have a look. (Hat tip to one of our readers.)

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  1. Andrew Andrew August 21, 2008

    Just headed over to the Ellsworth website and most of it is screwed up. The Mitt-love is fascinating.

  2. jeffleelambert jeffleelambert August 24, 2008

    The Ellsworth website appears to be under construction. I guess that the Mitt content is a placeholder. Of course, having a messy, half-done website is unprofessional and confusing. But bottom-line, this is an incomplete website and not really about their failed favorite Mitt Romney.

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