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Posts published in “Day: August 19, 2008”

Erickson, deeper in deeper

What was that old line or political counsel (applicable elsewhere too), that when you're in a hole, stop digging?

A rather deep hole is what Oregon 5th District Republican candidate Mike Erickson was in even before this weekend's Oregonian account of his travels to Cuba. (Description from Jeff Mapes' blog: "The problem for Erickson is that the trip's itinerary was heavy on cigar dinners and other pleasure activities (cock fighting was even offered as an option) and silent on anything of a humanitarian nature.") He'd have done about as well as he could it he'd delivered a quick dismissive line and let it go.

But no. Check out this for viewing a political mistake in motion.

WA: Primary review tomorrow

Rather than tonight, since we're on the road. But with luck, we'll get some of the reviews and stats up early. And the races ought to be pretty much settled by late tonight.

Although, of course, that's what people expected going into general election night 2004 . . .

Rail out west

Abit parochial, maybe, but it'd be a heck of a deal of those few of us in the country west or south of Hillsboro, Oregon - a commuter rail that could run between Forest Grove and Cornelius and (this is the key part) could link p with the MAX line at Hillsboro. That would effectively extend MAX's reach a dozen or so key miles out of town, to Pacific University and to the wine country.

The talks for so doing are evidently underway, and that could be a highly useful development for the country west of Portland, and might even given the Tri-Met system a useful shot. Although considering the increase in ridership owing to high gas prices, that may be only partly needed . . .