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Posts published in “Day: August 4, 2008”

The Kempthorne papers

The governors of Idaho have long been prompt about making their gubernatorial papers available for the historical record. Idaho's most recent ex-governor, Jim Risch, turned over his papers right away - no fussing and no excuses for delay. But his predecessor, Dirk Kempthorne, has yet to do that, and for a while was talking about keeping them sealed for 25 years before the public (for whom he worked, which paid for the development of those records) could see them.

What could be in them to justify all that?

Maybe we'll start to get some answers this fall. News today is that Kempthorne now is working out arrangement for transfer of the records to the Idaho Historical Society, which would be a good custodian.

Some assessment and organization time will be needed before they're all released. Here's hoping that's a lot less than 25 years, and hopefully less time than since Kempthorne left office (about two years ago).