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The legitimate, and the hatemongers

The ever-shifting field if political communications could give the fits to a student of advanced geometry, but one comment about it this week calls out for a little review.

The comment grew out of reaction to a video posted on 43rd State Blues, a Democratic-supporting group blog; it showed Lieutenant Governor (and Republican Senate nominee) Jim Risch speaking, with his voice speeded up to a whine, and with a dunce hat added. (We don’t note it on every Senate-related post but will here: Your scribe worked on the 2002 campaign of a candidate who ran against Risch.)

We couldn’t find Risch’s personal comments, but his son Jason (who works on the Senate campaign) offered this by way of explanation to Idaho Statesman blogger Kevin Richert: “(Jim Risch) draws a very distinct line between legitimate media and the bloggers that are left-wing hatemongers . . . The blogging done by legitimate media sources are not in the same category as the left-wing hatemongers. He considers the legitimate media, legitimate — regardless of the medium used to convey news.”

What we’ll note here is the dichotomy: Legitimate media and “left-wing hatemongers” with “a very distinct line between.” That distinct line suggests that you’re on one side of the divide or on the other. Trying to work out who falls where could make for quite a parlor game. We consider Ridenbaugh Press, for example, entirely legitimate and not in the business of hatemongering. Is the legitimate media legitimized by operating in a pre-Internet medium? By large-scale corporate ownership, as most newspapers and television and radio stations now are? Or something else? Or do some blogs (other than those under the aegis of “legitimate media sources”) qualify?

What would the Risches make of Adam Graham, a conservative Republican who has been a counterpart to 43rd State Blues and its allies? He is a partisan on the right much as those others are on the left; using the Risch standards, would a Democrat have grounds for calling Graham a hatemonger? (And no, we would not call that reasonable, for the same reasons we think the term is ill-applied to all but a very few places on the left.)

The problem with such simple dichotomies, when you talk about political communications these days, is that it’s not an either-or, not jut this or that, but a whole range, a spectrum. Even among the liberal or conservative blogs – those explicitly so – you’ll find a wide range of efforts, some focused to a degree on news and breaking information, others focusing on putting ideas and opinion into the mix. And others heading into altogether different directions.

It’s getting complex out there.

CLARIFICATION Received this from one of the bloggers that started the whole discussion: “The voice wasn’t speeded up, it was pitched up. Also, it’s not a dunce hat, it’s a gnome’s cap. As in, Angry Gnome Risch.”

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