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ID: Papers going away

The city of Burley, which has had a daily newspaper for somewhere around a century and at least one local paper longer than that, will not for much longer. The South Idaho Press will publish for the last time on August 16.

In Jerome, the North Side News, the latest in a series of Jerome paper stretching way back, will publish its last edition on August 14. The Gooding County Leader, with a similarly long history, will come to an end on the same day.

We make a point here of putting it this way specifically because the Twin Falls Times News leads its story on the changes this way: “South-central Idaho will have a new, expanded newspaper consolidating all features of the Times-News, the South Idaho Press and weekly newspapers in the region . . .” The point of view, in other words, of a corporation trying to pitch the sale to subscribers.

Not that an argument against what Lee Enterprises, which owns all of these papers (at Twin Falls, Burley, Gooding and Jerome – and previously the papers at Rupert and Shoshone shut down earlier this year), is doing would be especially easy to make. At least from a business standpoint. These are tough newspaper times. The circulation at Jerome and Gooding, according to the Times News, was only about 600 each – very difficult to sustain. Is there a reasonable journalistic argument for folding what was a year ago two daily and four weekly newspapers into just one daily? In terms of resource allocation, sure, you can make the case. It may be that, as a practical business matter, it was unavoidable.

The abrupt loss of so many editorial voices, which not so many years ago were operated by various owners who liked to say all sorts of different things, is nonetheless a tragedy. No matter how new, expanded and consolidated, or even improved, the Times News may turn out to be.

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