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On the gas line in Idaho

This site has for some time taken a more skeptical view than some that Idaho politics will be upended this year, that Republican dominance in the state will be seriously cracked. The reason is not so much the candidates or the headlines, but rather the attitudes of the people who cast the votes.

This was captured recently in fine focus on the Idaho blog the unequivocal notion, who included a report of the blogger’s conversation with another gas buyer, evidently at a Canyon County service station.

“Have to take out a loan just to fill up your gas tank anymore”.
“Don’t know when they are going to quit raising the price.”
“I dunno…”
“Well, they won’t until we get these Democrats out of office.”
“My son told me that the Democrats were all buying stock in the oil companies and not letting us drill for our own oil so that the price keeps going up and they keep getting richer”.
“I hadn’t heard about that”.
“Yeah, he said that’s why gas is so expensive; we need to get them out of Washington”.
“Have a good day…”
“You too, have a great day”.

The job Democratic candidates have in getting past misinformation like this (from what we’ve seen, the misinformation about Barack Obama that’s been ladled all over the country is a rich stew in Idaho) is simply mind-boggling. It would be hard to know where to start. Democrats are buying up all the oil company stocks so the price keeps going up? Where do you even begin a response to something like that?

(The whole unequivocal notion post linked here, by the way, is a thoughtful take and well worth the read.)

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