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Posts published in “Day: July 10, 2008”

McDermott from the left

Jim McDermott

Jim McDermott

The member of Congress from the Northwest who probably trods the most hard-core line to the left would be Seattle's own Jim McDermott, who periodically gets the description "congressman for life" from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. On blogs to the right, he's usually "Baghdad Jim" (after his anti-war comments made in Iraq in 2002), though a whole lot of what we does would draw understandable aggravation from that side.

His sheer seeming political invulnerability, though, has from time to time drawn some sharp comments from the left too. And Crosscut today has a thorough rundown of the case against McDermott from the left; writer Don Glickstein has put together here a bill of goods that could generate a lot of talk among Seattle Democrats over the next little while.