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Back up and running . . . gradually

Aquick note here that the hiatus over the last week-plus is over, and we’ll be resuming something at least resembling a normal posting regimen hereout. The hospital stay is over.

Those two little words (pulmonary embolism) that delivered such a wallop and afforded such intimate exposure to hospital procedures, 9-1-1 realities (those guys and gals really are life-savers), drugs and tests and so much more, have also had this upside: PEs (at least in this case), as life-threatening as they are, also can be straightforward to deal with and (at least in this case) involve no massive surgeries or anything especially invasive or even very life-changing. As medical crises go, this one has worked out benignly. So far at least. Though we’ll likely be taking it easy for a while.

Many thanks to everyone who sent in a comment, e-mail, card or otherwise got in touch. Your thoughts were, are, deeply appreciated.

And back to the news . . .

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