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Posts published in “Day: July 7, 2008”

A Tamarack national view

Was only three or four years ago, or was it even that far back?, that the Tamarack Resort near Donnelly was the next Big Thing. President Bush stayed there, on invitation of then-Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne. But that kind of dates matters now, doesn't it?

Today's twist in the troubles at Tamarack is a substantial piece in the Wall Street Journal: "In Idaho, ski resort's promise fades." The piece has its flaws. Some of the description of the immediate economic fallout in Vally feels a little off (some of the employment comparisons aren't really good apples-to-apples). And the description of what went wrong and how is certainly incomplete. The whole story will make a great piece of writing for someone one of these days.

A sample graf from the story (which makes not independent analysis but use of court documents): "A resort's success was often staked to real-estate sales: As a Tamarack lender recounted in recent court filings, the resort had a business model in which 'operating expenses would exceed revenue and the primary source of profit would be generated by the sale of real estate'."

Valley County is now in the position of having to pick itself up and ask, What next? There is no simple answer after something like this.

Back up and running . . . gradually

Aquick note here that the hiatus over the last week-plus is over, and we'll be resuming something at least resembling a normal posting regimen hereout. The hospital stay is over.

Those two little words (pulmonary embolism) that delivered such a wallop and afforded such intimate exposure to hospital procedures, 9-1-1 realities (those guys and gals really are life-savers), drugs and tests and so much more, have also had this upside: PEs (at least in this case), as life-threatening as they are, also can be straightforward to deal with and (at least in this case) involve no massive surgeries or anything especially invasive or even very life-changing. As medical crises go, this one has worked out benignly. So far at least. Though we'll likely be taking it easy for a while.

Many thanks to everyone who sent in a comment, e-mail, card or otherwise got in touch. Your thoughts were, are, deeply appreciated.

And back to the news . . .