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Posts published in “Day: June 15, 2008”

Pieces of TVW

The TVW network, which is more or less Washington's very own C-Span (what a great service it is, and an idea co-optable elsewhere), is now living in the age of UTube, and not too comfortably. It has gotten great access to all sorts of governmental, policy and political activities over the years partly with the idea that although the public could see it all, the raw materials couldn't be transformed into attack ads.

Except that in the age of UTube, that's becoming an increasingly difficult proposition.

The battle over what can and can't be excerpted from TVW (which copyrights its material) has been ongoing for a while, and the Horse's Ass blog has been in the middle of it for a while. Some compromise seems to have been reached. Point here i to draw attention to a useful overview by Richard Roesler at the Spokesman Review, on his blog. Which also provides a useful video link . . .