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Posts published in “Day: May 30, 2008”

WA GOP: Day 1

The Washington Republican convention seems to be off to a reasonably quiet first day, which is about as good as they could hope for. So far, the lid is on.

Convention blogging at the Spokesman indicates that the John McCain forces are maintaining some general control, so far - but the congressional district caucuses have just begun, and in some of those caucuses the Ron Paul forces do have majorities. No word yet on what might be coming out those.

This is also the Dino Rossi convention. He spoke once for 15 minutes and then, when Idaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter had to beg off - troops were arriving home in Idaho, unexpectedly - he agreed to pinch hit. This crowd is going to hear all about and from Dino Rossi by the end of convention.

“Idaho tax breaks”

The whistleblower report from Idaho Tax Commission auditor Stan Howland has been posted on this site.

We won't excerpt or summarize here, other than to say that the whole thing - which in effect alleges a conspiracy at the Tax Commission to covertly waive payment of millions of dollars in taxes they should have been paying - ought to be read in full. It may have been written by a tax auditor, but it's still pretty stunning reading.