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Posts published in “Day: May 29, 2008”

Ronulans at Spokane

Yes, the Washington state Republican Party convention at Spokane could be a lively deal, what the prospect of 40% of the delegates being supporters of Presidential contender - sort of, still? - Ron Paul.

Liveliness could be a useful attribute for a Republican gathering these days, though not everyone is enthusiastic. From a Sound Politics post: "The Ronulans are going to make trouble in Spokane this weekend. Jim Camden's piece, as run in the P-I, does a better job of explaining the situation than the headline writer. In most cases, Paul supporters are not regular GOP activists. Just like an Internet comment thread, however, they have come out of the woodwork at caucuses and county conventions just as the now decided GOP nominating contest left others with little motivation to compete in the same process. Mercifully, the Ronulans have usually been better behaved in person than online...though who knows what will happen now that their motives are a little more out in the open."