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Posts published in “Day: May 21, 2008”

The Burner resume

Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner

The issue of Darcy Burner's resume is apt to come up again before long, and this seems a reasonable time to address it. Especially after reading an article about Barack Obama's campaign in the last issue of the Atlantic Monthly.

(Don't worry, the connection's coming up.)

The article is about the campaign's mega-money machine, how it has managed so effortlessly to raise unheard of amounts of money. It pinpoints much of the credit to a group of Silicon Valley financiers who early on signed up with Obama's presidential effort. On of the most telling bits in the article was this:

Furthermore, in Silicon Valley’s unique reckoning, what everyone else considered to be Obama’s major shortcomings—his youth, his inexperience—here counted as prime assets.

I asked [John] Roos, the personification of a buttoned-down corporate attorney, if there had been concerns about Obama’s limited CV, and for a moment he looked as if he might burst out laughing. “No one in Silicon Valley sits here and thinks, ‘You need massive inside-the-Beltway experience,’” he explained, after a diplomatic pause. “Sergey and Larry were in their early 20s when they started Google. The YouTube guys were also in their 20s. So were the guys who started Facebook. And I’ll tell you, we recognize what great companies have been built on, and that’s ideas, talent, and inspirational leadership.”

Back to Burner, running in a near-analogue to the Silicon Valley, as well as in a year when being an insider or the establishment candidate is very bad medicine. And with the mediation of running a second race - as someone who has in fact accumulated a degree of relevant experience. (Yes, running a serious campaign does constitute a piece of training for an office.) And as lead mover of a national policy proposal on Iraq - which is more than almost any incumbent members of Congress have done.

Goldy at Horse's Ass visits the subject again (this race and this aspect of it are not new for him) with an additional reasonable point, that the track record of the Republican incumbent, Dave Reichert, needs at least as much review as that of the challenger.

Our point here is that increasingly, we're inclined to think the whole Burner-experience question is likely to devolve into diminishing circles of significance this year.

No more resorts

There'd have been a time not long ago when, east of the Cascades in Oregon, passage of something like Measure 07-47 just wouldn't have happened: Growth and jobs were sacrosanct. Could it be that people have had enough - or at least, would like a breather?

Crook County, northeast of the Bend area, in the last few years has seen development of a string of new destination resorts. Some of them have been welcomed. Some (such as development on the edge of Prineville) have been hotly disputed. Most have run through county offices with approval, leading to an advisory ballot issue, Measure 07-47. It would propose a moratorium on additional resorts.

Much of eastern Oregon would until recently consider this the idea of wild-eyed enviros. If so, they have plenty of company. Yesterday, Crook's voters approved it 4,400 to 2,230 - nearly two to one.

There's some difference of opinion about whether the measure conclusively is a ban, or just serves as an advisory. If the latter, considering the margins, you get the sense that elected county officials would be foolhardy to open the gates very wide, for some time to come.