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Posts published in “Day: May 16, 2008”

Gregoire up

Once again, watch the trend line. Rasmussen Reports has a fresh poll out today on the Washington governor's race, but what's useful is how it compares to earlier results.

In late February, Rasmussen had Democratic incumbent Chris Gregoire at 46% and Republican challenger Dino Rossi at 47% - essentially a tie. In late March the results were nearly identical, except that Gregoire now led by one point. This week (a month and a half later), Gregoire is reported to have opened a 52%-41% lead over Rossi.

What happened?

Proving intent

washington courts What's in your shopping cart? What combination of products do you happen to have there? To what uses might it be put? And who's watching you while you're shopping? If these sound like questions bent toward paranoia, you probably haven't read today's Washington Supreme Court decision in Washington v. Montgomery.

This is a criminal case: Virgil Montgomery, 60, was convicted of possession of pseudoephedrine with intent to manufacture methamphetamine. That he and his shopping partner, Joyce Biby, 63, purchased pseudoephedrine - within several boxes of cold medicine - is undisputed. But how do you prove what the two of them planned to do with it?

Washington state law sets a pretty low bar for such proof, and there's the issue. (more…)