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Posts published in “Day: May 15, 2008”

ID: Primaries to legislate by

The new blog Paleomedia at Boise last month did what we typically do here - picked out 10 top legislative primary contests in the Gem State. It was a reasonable list and worth your review (at the link), though there have been a few shifts of circumstance since, and we have a few alternative views. So, this list of 10 notable primary contests: Not in order of likelihood of incumbent ouster or the like, but rather in terms of interest - how much the results may tell us.

There are 29 contested primaries in Idaho (not a high number when the excuse given for sweeping Republican dominance is that, well, the primaries function for the sifting out. Well no, not very well.) We'll note PaleoMedia ranking too. Incumbents marked with *.

bullet 1 - District 14 House A: Mike Moyle*, Star; Nancy Merrill, Eagle. (PM: not listed) This admittedly is a little weird, since Merrill has practically no chance of winning: She is a write-in candidate, and just recently announced as such. What's curious here (would be interesting to look inside her mental processes) is that Merrill, a former mayor of Eagle (the major community in this district) was apparently considering a serious on-ballot run against Moyle, the House majority leader, before dropping out of that. Maybe this gets too subtle for interest by anyone but the poli sci crowd, but we'll be watching to see just how many write-in votes - meaning, how many in-party protesters to Moyle and his rural-based approach to legislating - Merill does get. (more…)