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Erickson leading?

We’ve suggested in a few posts that the 5th District Republican contest, which has been broadly assumed to be lining up for legislator and gubernatorial candidate Kevin Mannix over rerunning businessman Mike Erickson, may be turning. The weight of Erickson TV ads, mostly aimed hard at Mannix, could be having effect.

There’s not been a lot of polling, but a SurveyUSA poll from April 13-15 put Erickson at 44% and Mannix at 40%. That was within the margin of error. But SUSA was back in the field last week (through Thursday) and putting Erickson at 49% and Mannix 41%, right at the margin of error. With not many votes left undecided. With polling happening during the early part of actual ballots cast.

This could turn into a nailbiter.

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