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Editing down at the LMT

The editorial page at the Lewiston Tribune has been – has been literally for decades – one of the region’s newspaper treasures: Uncommonly sharply and brightly written editorials, two of them a day, and a solid roster of columns. They’ve been a mainstay of ours since the early 70s.

The paper’s editorial output (it’s behind a pay wall, which is why we’re not linked to it) will still be a mainstay, but it will be diminished. The page’s editor, Jim Fisher, ran today what he described as his last column. The page’s staff, which has been two people these many decades (not many papers the Trib’s size have had as many), has been cut in half – Fisher’s workload is abruptly increased, though his column is going away, as are half of more of those superbly-written editorials. Editorial writer Tom Henderson (previously of western Oregon), is departing. It’s the widespread story: Industry cutbacks, bad finances. And this wasn’t some greedy out of state corporation doing it, either: The Trib is locally owned, family owned, and the man in charge (A.L. “Butch” Alford) is the same man who’s been proudly running it for a very long time. You can only imagine how he feels about this, or what conditions must be that it had to happen.

What’s happening to newspapers has a real cost. Here’s one of them.

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