"I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions. But laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors." - Thomas Jefferson (appears in the Jefferson Memorial)

Whither unaffiliated

Those watching party registration figures in Oregon this year know that Republican registration has dropped, but Democratic registration hasn’t shown a comparable uptick. Instead, the increase has come in the ranks of the unaffiliated.

The Register Guard has a useful, thoughtful piece on this, with comments from a number of registrants.

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  1. torridjoe said:

    I dunno randy, according to Mapes at The I,
    in just 10 days this month over 1,000 NAV voters became Democrats…and so did 700 Republicans. And the remaining NAVs, if like those analyzed nationwide by Pew, are predominantly Democratic
    voters as well.

    March 28, 2008

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