"No experiment can be more interesting than that we are now trying, and which we trust will end in establishing the fact, that man may be governed by reason and truth. Our first object should therefore be, to leave open to him all the avenues to truth. The most effectual hitherto found, is the freedom of the press. It is, therefore, the first shut up by those who fear the investigation of their actions." --Thomas Jefferson to John Tyler, 1804.

Clinton – Bill – to Oregon

The Hillary Clinton campaign isn’t waiting all that long before competing with the recent Barack Obama events that drew such strong local coverage. They’re hitting first not with the candidate, but with the former president.

Bill Clinton visits Medford on Sunday afternoon, at Hedrick Middle School, and on Monday at Salem (location uncertain) and then at Bend, at Bend Senior High School. That information come via emails from the Clinton campaign.

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